Analytics Federation


What is the Research Analytics Federation?

The Research Analytics Federation is a formal public association (community) of scientists-analysts created under the aegis of the IASHE.

Federation members
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As follows from the definition the Federation unifies citizens participating in the IASHE projects.

In exceptional cases, at the request of the Federation and with the consent of the IASHE, well-known scientists, prominent statesmen, politicians and public figures of the state, regardless of the circumstances of their participation in the project may become members of the Federation.

Every person concerned becomes a Federation member from the moment of submission of the application for participation in the research analytics championship, and keeps this status during the entire period of participation in the project until the end of six months from the date of the last participation of such a person in any stage of the national championship.

Membership in the Federation is certified with a special Federation Member Certificate.



The Federation registration algorithm
  • Existence of not less than 10 founders;
  • The approval of the National Federation Charter by founders on the basis of the standard Charter offered by the IASHE (upon the initiative of the Federation Administrator – the IASHE partner);
  • Submission of the list of founders as well as the Charter approved by them for registration in the IASHE;
  • Preparation of the National Federation Registration Memorandum;
  • Election of the Federation governance;
  • Officialization of authorities of public officials by the IASHE Accreditation Certificates.
Legal status of the Federation

The Federation is the structural division of the IASHE formed on the basis of the public initiative and noncommercial interaction of citizens united by the solidarity of goals and interests.Functioning of the Federation has a legal form of joint activity of an unlimited number of interested persons without the legal entity registration.

The legal nature of internal relations between persons inside the Federation is expressed through their interaction on the basis of provisions of the Federation Charter, having the status of an open contract of adhesion on joint activity of persons concerned.

As the project develops and the list of members as well as the activity of the Federation significantly expand, from the moment of the official announcement (by the IASHE) of such an opportunity the Federation will have the right to acquire the legal entity status after the state registration in the country of operation on the basis of the Charter coordinated with the IASHE.

Functions of the Research Analytics Federation

  • Organizational association of members of the GISAP and other IASHE projects on the corresponding National level;
  • Formation of self-governing bodies of the Federation;
  • Representation and protection of interests of the Federation members;
  • Delegation of representatives for participation in the activity of International Research Analytics Federations;
  • All-round assistance to members of the Federation during their participation in the GISAP project and other IASHE projects;
  • Organization and guidance of participation of combined teams (national teams of the relevant country) in the championship of the relevant continent and in the World research analytics championship in thematic (within scientific sections), sectoral (within branches of science) and interdisciplinary (general scientific) nominations;
  • Participation in the IASHE Federations Cup tournament;
  • Organization of the National scientific analytics championship among club teams;
  • Annual determination and organization of awarding ceremonies for best representatives of the country in the categories:
    a) the best scientist-analyst;
    b) best author of the scientific work;
    c) the best author of the popular science work;
    d) best author of the educational literature;
    e) the best educational institution
    f) the best publisher of scientific and educational literature;
    g) the best innovator (inventor);
    h) the best philanthropist in the field of education and science;
    i) other nominations objectively correlating with the object and aims of the IASHE activity, established upon the initiative of the relevant Federation;
  • Formation of National annual scientific digest «Golden Book of Scientific Elite» and submission of information about scientists of the country for including in the digest «Diamond Edges of the World Science»;
  • Cooperation with sponsors and investors willing to assist in the activities of Federations and events organized by them;
  • Opening the informational section of the Federation on the World Research Analytics Federation website;
  • Target use of official attributes of Federations;
  • Other directions of activity implemented by Federations in coordination with the IASHE.

Structure and self-governance of the Federation


Any official decisions in the Federation are made collectively - by a majority of votes of the general number of current Federation members or its collective governing bodies.
The Federation is structured into sections and sub-sections in accordance with sections and sub-sections of sciences.

The federation, represented by the General Assembly (Congress) of the Federation members elects:

- a permanent sole Head of the Federation (President, Chairman, Speaker, etc.);

- a permanent collective governing body of the Federation consisting of 3 to 15 persons (Presidium, Board, Executive Committee, etc.).

The scope of authority of the elective governing bodies of the Federation is determined by the General Assembly (Congress) of the Federation members. It is delegated by this body out of the scope of full competence of the Federation.

Federation Administrator. Documents and attributes of the Federation


Administrator of every Federation is its full member, but having no right to be elected into its self-governing bodies.

The Federation Administrator represents an official position of the IASHE in it and represents interests of the Federation in its relations with the IASHE.

The Federation Administrator may participate in elective self-governing bodies of the Federation having a deliberative vote.

Legalization of the Administrator's status - authorities of the Administrator are fixed in:

1) Partnership Agreement with the IASHE;
2) Special Partnership Certificate;
3) The Official's Accreditation Certificate;
4) Statements of the Provisions and other Regulations of the IASHE.

Documents and attributes of the Federation
  • Numbered (identification) seal of the Federation provided by the IASHE;
  • Emblem (logo) of the Federation;
  • Certificates of Federation members (including Accreditation Certificates of Officials);
  • Universal and name-tags of members of the Federation and National teams;
  • Diplomas and certificates of members of national research analytics teams;
  • Registration Memorandum of the IASHE;
  • Own website of the Federation (account on the Word Research Analytics Federation website);
  • Official letterheads and envelopes of the Federation;
  • Other official attributes of the Federation.

Commercial activity of the Federation

The financial component of activity of the Federation (in case if provided by the Charter (Regulations)) may include the formation of a fund of membership fees, earnings from sponsors and advertising activity, and directing such resources to maintenance and development of activities of the Federation, remuneration and rewards to its individual members.

Before the Federation acquires the legal entity status, its financial operations may be made on the basis of corresponding agreements using bank accounts of the IASHE, as well as official partners of the Federation and the IASHE.

The Federation has the right to independently determine its policy of cooperation with the sponsors and investors willing to support its activities and events organized by it. Upon condition of placement of advertising and distribution of positive information in the IASHE editions, sponsors and investors may be involved by the Federation for financial support of the organized events, encouragement of successful Federation members, increasing the prize funds of the National research analytics championship among club teams etc.

In coordination with the IASHE the Federation has the right to implement any projects related to the official area of its activity and aimed at achievement of the positive social effect or gaining profits (part of which is to be spent on the development of the Federation). Information about possible ways and directions of activity of Federations connected with prospects of gaining profits, as well as peculiarities of distribution and use of such profits, is indicated in the Annex.